Surgery Recovery

Accelerated recovery from any surgery, not just plastic surgery, is always desirable.

Our supportive care services can help your body heal more efficiently by decreasing inflammation and pain by:

  • Decreasing swelling and pain through Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

  • Utilizing natural supplements that decrease inflammation and scar tissue formation

  • Evaluating and customizing compression needs to decrease swelling and scar tissue

  • Co-managing symptoms with your other health care team for hydration IV services, regular massage, and/or Physical Therapy

Welcome to BodyworkRX!

Your healing starts here. Heather Evans, DC. LMT, CLT-LANA, has 25 years of experience with the human musculo-skeletal and lymphatic systems. Heather offers medical massage and works with ligament injuries, scar tissue improvement, foot pain, and treating chronic Lymphedema.

We understand.



Scar Tissue


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