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Are vitamins even necessary?

The truth is that most people do need some basic nutritional support through vitamins and supplements because it is difficult to eat the consistent variety of high-quality whole foods that provide absolutely everything we need to maintain optimal health.

Our nutritional needs also change as we age and vary widely with our unique health situation. Our genetics can play a big role in how our body processes nutrients and this helps determine our needs as well.

Shopping for supplements can be confusing

Vitamins and supplements are not a one-size-fits-all, and neither is the quality of this highly unregulated manufacturing industry. We can help you navigate the supplement world by recommending some high-quality brands, and assist you in determining what nutritional supplements you may need, if any.

If you have more complicated health concerns, we can refer you to a couple of local functional medicine Doctors and other providers in the area to address any needs that require a much deeper dive into your supplements needs.

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Your healing starts here. Heather Evans, DC. LMT, CLT-LANA, has 25 years of experience with the human musculo-skeletal and lymphatic systems. Heather offers medical massage and works with ligament injuries, scar tissue improvement, foot pain, and treating chronic Lymphedema.

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